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Snow Sports Sale Terms & Conditions


  1. Delivery of the item by the vendor to the Whakatipu Ski Club Inc., (the club) shall constitute the appointment of the club as the vendor’s agent to sell the goods on the terms provided. The club’s Agency shall be irrevocable from the time of delivery until the end of the sale day.

  2. Unless a form has already been filled in online, upon delivery of the item to the club, the vendor will complete and sign a sales docket specifying a selling price. The club will then hand the vendor a copy of the sales docket; either this or the online form MUST BE re-presented to the club to obtain re-delivery of the unsold goods.

  3. The club will offer the item for sale on the sale day by private treaty upon the posted terms and conditions of sale. The club reserves the right to charge prospective purchasers an admission fee.

  4. Commission on items sold will be charged by the club at the rate of $5.00 or 20% of the sale price, whichever shall be the greater; commission shall be paid by deduction from the sale price.

  5. An admin fee of $4 per item will be charged as a listing fee..

  6. Payment for sold items will be made by the club by direct credit, within the fourteen days following the day of sale, into the bank account provided by the vendor.

  7. Unsold items are to be collected from the venue, on production of the sales docket or the online form, immediately following the sale, during the times specified on the club's website .  Any unsold items not picked up in this time will be considered a donation to the club.

  8. Risk in the goods delivered to the club shall remain with the vendor until sale by the club. The club, or any person involved in the conduct of the sale, shall not in any way be liable to the vendor or to any other person for loss or damage to the goods after delivery to the club, however caused. The vendor is advised to make certain that the goods offered for sale are insured under the vendor’s Chattel Insurance.

  9. The vendor warrants that the goods delivered to the club are owned unconditionally by the vendor and are not subject to any security or charge.

  10. The vendor warrants that the sale item is in good serviceable condition.

  11. The vendor agrees that all particulars supplied may be used for marketing purposes.

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