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Snow Sports Sale

Sunday 26th May 2024

The WSC Sale is an annual Community Event that enables individuals and families to buy or sell snow sports gear at affordable prices.  It’s really a sophisticated SWAP SHOP with anything reasonably priced guaranteed to sell.

This is the Ski Club's biggest fundraiser, run entirely by volunteers, every cent made out of the sale is used to help us provide a fun, safe and comfortable environment at the club lodge at Coronet Peak for families of the Whakatipu and beyond.  We depend on your support!

This year we are rolling with online registration only for your sale items - the advantages of this are a lower admin fee per item and less admin for the club! That cost is $4.00 per item registered. 


Bring along your pre-registered gear to the Queenstown Events Centre on Saturday 25th May between 5pm - 6pm and your club members will then label, code, sort, and display your gear for sale. We direct credit successful sellers during the second week of June. A commission of 20% is deducted from payments.

 List your for sale items here.


If you are buying gear, then the doors open on Sunday 26th May from 10 AM to 12 PM. A $2 entry fee is charged for all persons entering the sale. 

We usually have over 2,000 items for sale. The sale will consist of used gear entered by individuals, ex-rental gear, ex-demo gear, manufacturers' run-outs, new gear, new gear but last year's models, special packages put together by local shops for the WSC Sale etc.  Ski field representatives will also be on hand to advise and answer questions.


Set the family up for a great season with quality gear at very reasonable prices. Sell your gear to build a kitty for new season's purchases at Queenstown's retail shops.


Don't be disappointed; this is your best chance to get everything you need for a fun time on the mountains.  Any questions please just email

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